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Jaben W. Starnes is a licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker with Blanq Real Estate | eXp Commercial; who places the utmost value on forging authentic relationships. Jaben has an innate passion for people at the core of who he is; success is simply a byproduct of that. He’s built a team of dedicated brokers in his organization to match whatever CRE demands come their way!

Starnes has years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, with an emphasis on investment & repositionings/redevelopments for industrial, retail, & office assets & business relocations/expansion. He has dominated every aspect of his career & pursues every project with a spirit of excellence. He’s also established a network of international real estate developers & investors in South America, Africa, & beyond. He travels around the world forging those relationships in his free time.


He says “Life’s about building great relationships with great people; if we can make some money while we’re at it, then good.”


Let’s make it happen!

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