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Timin R. Sonik is a licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker with Blanq Real Estate | eXp Commercial. A positive and energetic fellow with technical experience and strong emphasis on dependability and responsibility. Highly driven by strong aspirations and an entrepreneurial mindset he translate his skills from a wide variety of backgrounds to best serve the client in front of him with multiple perspectives to address CRE demands at hand. 


Recently graduated from High Point University with studies in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science, Timin aims to bridge gaps in the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Development industry with strategic implementation of tech to facilitate operations for smoother workflow. A NC native for most of his life, Timin has worked in many different backgrounds such as Medical, Insurance, Start-Up, Tech, etc. International exposure in Europe, India, and Kenya helps to build his relations and relate to a wide scope of clients.


Timin has a strong belief in building strong rapport in relationships while connecting with individuals for as he likes to say “Nothing in this world was created by one person solely, relationships are at the core of creation and innovation.

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