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Clifford Blanquicet, Jr., the founder and president of Blanq Real Estate is a focused, energetic broker who works diligently on every transaction from start to finish. He is very attentive, always responds in a timely matter, and is ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy his client's needs in Real Estate.


Clifford has years of experience in sales, auditing, commercial property management and marketing. He has excelled in every facet of business he has pursued and is now a dedicated, full time commercial broker.


His dedication comes from 14 years of playing competitive golf at the highest level in all sectors of golf. He was the captain and MVP of his high school team and college team for all four years and lead both teams to conference championships with leadership, hard work and determination. Clifford was also a professional golfer who played on the top mini tours in the Southeast and on the PGA Tour Latin American tour. Time management and working harder than any other golfer is what led him to success on the golf course and that same drive is what leads him to closing transactions quickly and efficiently in the Real Estate world.


He says "Commercial real estate is just like professional golf, if you work hard you will be the best and if you don't...well you will miss the cut and someone better will take the prize" This mind set has made Clifford a successful broker and businessman.


Clifford is a proud member of the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors (CRCBR).


Blanquicet is a graduate of Wingate University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He resides in Cornelius, NC with his beautiful wife Anna, who is the co-owner of Blanq Real Estate, and growing family.

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