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Josh Greenwald is a licensed North Carolina Commercial Real Estate Broker with Blanq Real Estate. Josh has been involved in Real Estate Investing for over 5 years, and due to his passion and experience with the investment side of Commercial Real Estate, Josh focuses his efforts on Multi-Family Brokerage. Josh’s professional background includes over 10 years of B2C sales and sales leadership in the travel industry.  


Prior to moving to Charlotte in 2015, Josh was born and raised on a small farm in Southern Ohio. It is there that hard work was engraved into his DNA. Josh is attentive, organized, and will literally do whatever it takes to get the deal done while making the process and smooth and effortless on his clients as possible. In his first 6 months with the firm, Josh closed over $12,500,000 in multi-family transactions. 


In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife, Paige; Son, Ace; and 2 dogs, Jax and Remington. Any time they can be outside, the opportunity is seized. From hiking to camping to traveling, they are all very active and love the outdoors.  

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