Tony Garay has been in the real estate industry for a little over 14 years. He has an extensive amount of experience in many areas of the industry, which translates well into providing the right advice for the client during transactions. His mixed experienced ranges from residential brokerage, buy and flip & portfolio management, to his most recent 5 years of commercial and industrial brokerage, landlord and tenant representation. He’s worked closely with real estate funds in both the residential and retail market segments. This combined and extensive real estate experience has equipped him to provide problem solving techniques to facilitate deals through the many hurdles that may arise from contract or lease through closing. His market knowledge and forefront thinking make him a strong consultant for clients who are looking for advice on any of their real estate needs. Whether looking for valuation or asset information, Tony’s experience in underwriting. Allows the client to get a clear understanding of the properties current and future outlook. When looking for the right partner to handle your real estate needs, you can trust in his experience and abilities to get you your desired result. 

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